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What our clients say about us...
Magic & Monroe

"I worked with Alice & Louise at the beginning of 2020 on my previous brand, Studio Seed. I had a lot of data which I didn't know what to do with and Illuminate Retail helped me to understand it, analyse it and then use it to make informed, profit-making decisions for the business. In just 8 weeks our profit margin increased by nearly 15% and I was making decisions confidently based on real data and insight. It completely changed the way I viewed the 'numbers' side of the business. I decided to fondly close the doors to Studio Seed in 2021 to launch a brand I'd dreamed of for a long time, and I'm pleased to say that I'm using the skills Illuminate taught me in my new business meaning it's been profitable from the outset.

They are an absolute joy to work with and genuinely cared about my business success. They created a relaxed and informal environment and changed all those figures from something daunting into tools I can use confidently to empower myself to make my business work for me!"

Lavelle Bridal Couture

Working with Alice & Louise really gave me some focus in my business at a time when I was really struggling to see where things would go to and grow my business.

They helped me to elevate my ideas and find the focus to work on my business rather than in it.

Working on my own it was great to have someone from the same background talk through my ideas and give me a different perspective.
We looked at my plans and how I could do things now to help me get there. I've since implemented a lot of the things that we spoke about and have seen great successes from them."

LM Facial Aesthetics

"I can’t recommend Illuminate Retail enough. The help and advice they gave me has kept me focused on my business goals. Not only did they spend the time talking through covid recovery options, but they have helped me take my business to the next level. They uncovered my potential and gave me the courage to achieve my dream business. 

Thank you so much to you both! I will be eternally thankful for what you have done for me, and I will be using Illuminate again for the next stage of my business."

Sassy Giraffe

"Alice and Lou helped me re-evaluate my business, their support gave me constructive advice of where my business could grow and gave me the confidence to take it further. They were super friendly and put me at ease through important and necessary business discussions to put my business back on track."

Wear The Stars

"I heard about this fabulous duo via a business pal and booked a call.  Not only did I have a great time chatting with them, but the knowledge also they have between them is invaluable.  Their coaching has helped me refine my business objectives, clarify my direction, and gave fantastic advice based on their years of experience.  Working by myself means I don’t have many people to bounce ideas off.  This gave me the time and space to do this, and I came away with a lot more clarity on what I needed to achieve."

Lilly Loves

"As a creative business I’m always full of ideas and inspiration but often lack the ability to translate those wonderful ideas into action and reality; after the business coaching from Alice and Louise, they made me feel empowered to take my creative ideas and turn them into profitable business strategies. Until recently I have hidden away from the ‘numbers’ because it’s a bit scary and unfamiliar to me.  They both clearly explained how to understand the numbers and use them to make informed decisions that would turn creative ideas into reality and profit!

They are approachable, smart, and fun! When you start a business, you got into it because you have a skill in that field, and not necessarily know how to run a business.  Alice and Louise will empower you to know your business so that you can enjoy more fun bits even more and not shy away from the business side making you feel confident!"

With Lola

"Alice and Louise were incredibly helpful and a lifesaver for WITH LOLA! I was at the stage of turning my part-time business into a full-time business. They were the perfect team to help me implement new strategies and keep me on track with achievable goals.  I always walked away from our meetings feeling excited and ready to take on the next challenge. I would recommend Illuminate Retail to anyone looking for an injection of positivity, guidance, and actionable ideas!"

The Indie Guide

"As a small team from a creative background, we initially struggled to create a business strategy until we came across Alice and Louise. They completely opened our eyes and showed us how to grow our publication. They gave us the tools and training to turn our ideas into measurable steps. We are so grateful for all their support; I honestly believe our business would not be in the place it is today without them. They took the time to understand our brand and vision, which is hard to come by. If you are from a creative background and need that extra bit of help, Illuminate Retail is the place to go!"


"We could not recommend Illuminate enough to anyone with a business that needs to take it to the next level. Louise and Alice have been the shining light we needed in a time where covid had really impacted our business.  Our bespoke consultancy support package from them provided the tools to be able to forward plan and scale our business successfully and not be scared to go for it!"



Work with us to switch on your business with clarity, confidence & control