We empower people with creative hearts to find their business minds.
Work with us to switch on your business with clarity, confidence & control.

We are Alice and Louise, friends and the co-founders here at Illuminate Retail, a consultancy born from a shared passion to empower people with creative hearts to find their business minds!

Having worked for high street brands such as Next, Sainsburys and Littlewoods you can trust us because we have over 40 years of successful trading, sourcing, marketing, and coaching experience.

Together we will remove the feelings of overwhelm and loneliness that as a business owner you can sometimes feel.  And that’s ok because we’ll help you find your path, your plan, and give you control.


Now it’s your time to pause, refocus, slow down and think. 


When you work with Illuminate Retail you enjoy the best of both worlds: the freedom of being your own boss AND the support of people just like you.  We will help you fall in love with your business all over again because success means more to you than just money!  Your business doesn’t belong to us, but we make it our business to care.


Born and bred ooop north, we are proud our northern roots, we offer a no nonsense, friendly approach.


Like us, if Illuminate were a person, she’d be the friend that points out you have lipstick on your teeth, so put on your killer heels and walk the path of business growth with Illuminate Retail!

You have all the answers within you. Let us shine a light on them. Get in touch.