When you plan for your business’s recovery post COVID-19 do you know where to begin?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Your customers have missed shopping and have adapted their spending behaviours to enable them to buy the items that they need and love. Over the past few weeks and months consumers are discovering and loving the products sold by local businesses. They are championing the independent retailers and willing you to not only survive this crisis but succeed 🏆!

Local high streets are becoming one of the most important shopping destinations for consumers right now, and this trend is set to continue. So how can you make the most of this opportunity, to grow your business when local footfall is “at your feet” (excuse the pun!)?

We all have learnt the skill of adapting quickly recently, but for some change comes easier than for others. You need to make some important changes to allow customers to return and to shop with you when your doors reopen. The easier that you make it for people to shop with you, the more inclined customers will be to choose you. What do you need to change to make the environment safe for colleagues and customers? As a small business you can be brilliantly nimble and put into action the necessary steps quickly.

There are two types of customers that you need to take into consideration….

One type of customer has missed the pleasure of shopping as their pass time, almost as much as they have missed their families! They are itching to visit retailers, to interact with people and to see and touch products on the shelves once again. To appeal to this customer, you need to play to the emotive side of what makes their heart rate increase when they shop 😍! Show them that you have missed them too, thrill them with a shopping experience that is special to you, your products and your brand! What is it that makes shopping with you so special that you just can’t provide online? Romance your customer with a truly memorable shopping experience and make sure that you have new and relevant stock to entice them to spend and keep coming back regularly!

The other customer type is feeling more nervous about spending time in shops again, will they able to shop safely with you? Reach out to them now on social media and give them the reassurance that they need from the moment they step over the threshold, to paying at the cashier point. What can you do to put this customer at ease and ensure their safety? Walk through your customers journey and pinpoint every aspect that can be addressed and action this. Reassure this customer, tell them about your changes and make them feel safe in the same way that you would to a friend.

Take the time now to ensure that your premises are a safe place to be, that they feel and look fresh as they did on the day you first opened. Your stock needs to have moved on into the summer season, so offer clearance on the lines that you need to shift to make room and release cash flow for new stock.

Write a do to list, plan these actions into your calendar and reward yourself with each one that you complete! If you need help to understand what your next steps are, talk to us at hello@illuminateretail.co.uk. We are currently offering a free 30 min call, tell us about your business challenges. You will receive initial advice and insights from us to support and guide your business.

Retail is the most exciting industry to be a part of, it is forever changing and forever challenging. Being able to adapt to change is vital, change makes us learn, grow and succeed. The retailers that become stuck are the ones that struggle to succeed, we can help you to grow 🌈.

Let’s start by having a conversation….


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