Switch on your business mind and feel empowered with a monthly dose of success coaching, and surprise goodies delivered straight to your door!


Next month’s Illuminator's Club gift box shine’s it’s way to you in...

There has never been a better time to light a spark within your business and switch on your success.

Whatever your product, service, or brand ‘The Illuminator’s Club’ is an empowering, powerful community of support, knowledge, and accountability.  We’ve created a place for business owners to belong, where like-minded people can come together, press pause, share WTF moments, ask for help and grow.

Becoming an Illuminator will save you time and money as we have done all the business planning for you!

Our monthly subscription delivers simple tools, coaching and advice that will empower your business to develop and grow consistently as you work through each Illuminator Club monthly topic!  We’ll support you to take action and keep you accountable to your goals because success comes from what you do, not just what you plan to do.   

You’ll receive an Illuminator’s Club gift box full of working tools, stationery, self care loveliness and goodies as part of your subscription.

Being an Illuminator, will light up your creativity AND empower your business mind, all you need to do is sign up and join in!


A monthly dose

of success coaching

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Be part of the Illuminators community


Learn from industry


Each box contains exclusive access to Illuminate Retail coaching, training, live support sessions, a podcast, office items and goodies (who doesn’t love a bit of stationery!).  Plus, once you’ve subscribed, you’ll become an official Illuminator and belong to the most empowering online community and YES, you can claim it as a business expense!

You’ll receive: 

  • Illuminate coaching tools with a new Illuminators Club topic each month!

  • An online training guide for each topic of the month!

  • Online Q&A support with the Illuminate coaches to develop, grow and focus on the monthly topic.

  • A monthly, live shine a light Q&A session – where you can ask the Illuminate experts anything about your business!

  • Monthly Podcast -a friendly chat that guides though the Illuminator club topics

  • Access to a network of like-minded business owners who all want to belong, feel strong, support each other and share those WTF moments!

  • Break time goodies to keep up your energy levels!

  • Self-care treats – time to press pause and recharge!

  • Office stationery to succeed in style!

  • Accountability to get those jobs done that you put off and avoid all delivered with a friendly kick up the a**!!!

Illuminator Club topics we cover: 

  • Goal setting

  • Social media planning

  • Knowing your customer

  • Marketing

  • Getting to know your numbers

  • Sales strategy

  • Diversification

  • Boosting your profit

  • Time management & workload prioritisation

  • Plus much more!!!



TOTAL WORTH - £520!!!


  • Illuminate training tools and support - £150

  • Live Q&A monthly topic support - £150

  • Shine a light monthly live Q&A - £150

  • Accountability coaching and support - £50

  • Illuminator’s Club box gifts worth - £20

  • Networking club - Priceless!

  • Free delivery!


Become an Illuminator today, because you haven’t come this far, to only come this far!!!

"I am using the skills Illuminate taught me in my new business meaning it's been profitable from the outset."

Magic & Monroe

"Working on my own it was great to have something to work through my ideas."


 Switch on your   business brain... 

 1-Month Access 



 I mean 


 3-Months Access 



Will I know the contents of the box?

No, each box is a wonderful surprise delivered direct to you door every month. The marketing images are a broad representation of what you can expect to receive but products will vary from that shown.  Each monthly box will includes 4-5 items of stationery, office items treats and self care, plus all of your Illuminator Club topic tools!

How do I pay for my box?

Sign up for 1 month or 3 months access to the Illuminator Club.


I’ve just signed up, when do I get access to the coaching & community group?

You will be sent an email once payment for your Illuminator Club box has been received. This email will have a link to join the closed FB group. All new illuminators will be given access to group on 1st of the month.

When will I receive my goodies?

Your Illuminators club box will be dispatched to you via second class royal mail on 25th of the month, we always aim for it to land with you on the first Monday of every month so we can start empowering you and your business at the start of the month!


Can I track my box?

Unfortunately, you cannot track your box delivery, however if there are any issues, and you haven’t received your box by the first week of the month, please contact us and we will sort it out.


Can I cancel my membership?

We offer 1, and 3 month access to the club for our members. We will NEVER automatically renew your membership, it's cheeky when subscription businesses do that! You can choose how long you want to be part of the Illuminators club, so pick the right length of time for you, but once you are in and signed up for your term, its non-refundable.


Can I get my products in to the Illuminators Box?

We are always looking for lovely goodies to put in our Illuminators Club Box, so Contact us and drop us a note if you have products you would like to feature.



Reignite the spark within you to illuminate your business!!

You’ll save time and money each month because we’ve done the business planning for you, all you need to do is sign up and join in!